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Inteleagent is here to make you and your education agency efficient, productive and successful. Because CRMs can be fun, personal, smart, and time-saving.

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Automation helps you create a more personal experience

The goal isn’t to automate everything. But by automating manual processes behind the scenes, you give your team the time they need to deliver a personal, relationship-building experience.

Keep everyone on the same page

Managing client relationships can get messy. A sales CRM with automation and task assignment makes it easy to keep all of your education counsellors on the same page.

Manage student relationships

A CRM with automation makes it easy to manage student relationships. See all of your student's information in a single view, and make sure no one slips through the cracks.

Key Features

Collect contact information, then make a great first impression. When are your students most engaged? Right after they give you their contact info! Inteleagent can trigger actions that let you follow up immediately.

Is it time to nurture, sell, or upsell?Sometimes it’s too early to ask students to enrol. Sometimes you’re talking to onshore students already studying. Inteleagent lets you send your student leads from Inteleagent to a marketing platform, so that you make the right offers to the right students.

Get notified when things happen in your CRM. Never forget when an education institution agreement expires, when a student visa expires, when applications move from one stage to another in Inteleagent, and so, so much more. Be the elephant in the room. Never forget anything. Impress everyone.

Easily create beautiful & professional PDF commission invoices and control the whole invoice lifecycle from when you generate it to when you get paid. Send the commission invoice to your education institution automatically, at the click of a button. 

An image is worth more than 1000 words they say. With Inteleagent’s calendar you will be able to visualise your important dates, instalment and invoice due dates, student visa expiry dates, and more. 

Set and forget. Set Inteleagent to send reminders to your students when their instalments are due. Increase the chances of getting paid on time. 

Take meeting notes when counselling your students. Write down every important detail for future reference. 

Where do your students come from? Find out, then go there to get more. Track the sources of your students so you know what works and what not.

You want to carefully control who has access to certain information. User access roles let you limit access and determine who is responsible for information on file. Working within a team allows for the workload to be shared equally among your team mates. With more hands on applications, tasks are completed faster and more efficiently.

Running your Education Agency
Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Inteleagent gives you everything you need to run
and monitor your education agency.

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Turn Complexity into Simplicity
Track your applications through customisable pipelines
Organise all your education agency data
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