Applications Management

A New Way To Manage Your International Students Applications

The visual pipeline allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your application's momentum and priorities, and refocus efforts accordingly.

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Visualise your applications more effectively

Say goodbye to confusion. Get an instant snapshot of the courses involved in a student's application. The Inteleagent courses application management functionality allows you to visualise student applications effectively.

Better track your applications

Always know the progress of your application. Never loose applications through cracks. Follow the application through the predefined stages, or set some up yourself! Once you've completed the stage tasks, the application will automatically move forward for you.

Clarity to improve your efficiency

Firing up Inteleagent, always lands you on a single, streamlined view of your applications in progress. It gives clarity, gets your team on the same page, and prevents applications from falling through the cracks.

Key Features

Your application pipeline allows you to track the progress of your applications from start to finish. Each pipeline differs from another, through the number of milestones you break the pipeline into. This way, if you get behind, you will know far in advance of your final deadline and be able to adjust your plans or expectations to stay on target. 

Now you can make a to-do list for each milestone. Think about the gap between your baseline and your goal. What needs to happen to get from the starting point to the desired end point? Take note of tasks that are similar across pipeline milestone. This process will help you determine what tasks can be included in the pipeline milestone checklists.

Create preset tasks for each pipeline milestone, to systemise your education agency’s processes. New education counsellors? They will never forget what needs to be done for any of your agency’s applications. 

Create a repeatable applications process with notifications that get sent to your team when you move a lead from one stage to the next. Standard tasks and checklists ensure your team delivers consistent service each time.

Easily create applications with more than one course. Packaged course applications better reflect what the student is actually studying. Control where your application is going next, and the tasks you need to complete to progress to the next step.

Add related documents in the application and all application stakeholders (assigned team members, associated partner agents) will be kept in the loop. 

Never forget when a milestone was reached, when a task was completed, or who completed the task. With Inteleagent’s application timeline, you can go back in time and see the steps it took the application from start to finish.

Assign team members to your application process for easy collaboration. Assign application tasks to your team members and delegate application responsibilities to move the applications faster through your pipeline. 

Running your Education Agency
Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Inteleagent gives you everything you need to run
and monitor your education agency.

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Turn Complexity into Simplicity
Track your applications through customisable pipelines
Organise all your education agency data
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