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Inteleagent is a unified workspace for education agents that helps you track your students' progress and information, monitor commissions from your partners, and more.

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So much easier than using a generic CRM

- Ciprian Stinean

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It makes collaboration so much easier!
- Ion Iordache
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At Inteleagent, our goal is to transform your education agency into a truly successful business.

We’re using our experience in the education industry to improve the way you work. Automatic reports eliminate the paperwork. A systemic approach to applications eliminates waste and mistakes.

Work less, be more productive

Dont get buried in your workload. Inteleagent creates
instant and automatic reports and provides snapshots of
application progress without needing to lift a finger.

A Simple Interface

You’ll know how to use it as soon as you see it. All the important information you need – from course enrolment to visa status – at your fingertips.

Everything you need in one place

Inteleagent fuses the application process with business
management. Reports help you make better decisions,
commision invoices are automatically generated, and the
in-built timeline manager helps you oversee your progress.

Work as a Team

You want to carefully control who has access to certain
information. User access roles let you limit access and
determine who is responsible for information on file.





Customisable Pipeline



Application Timeline

Staff and Permissions


Manage your growth

It's easy to remember invoice due dates
when you're only managing 5 or 10 student
applications, but what happens when you're managing 50 or 100? Inteleagent helps keep commissions simple by managing invoice due dates and keeping you up-to-date with reminders.

Clarity to improve your

In the visual pipeline, applications are
categorised by stages. The feature allows
your team to develop a clear understanding
of your application's momentum
and priorities, and refocus efforts accordingly.

Stay organized

Firing up Inteleagent, always lands you on
a single, streamlined view of your
applications in progress. It gives clarity,
gets your team on the same page, and
prevents applications from falling through
the cracks.

Running your Education Agency
Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Inteleagent gives you everything you need to run
and monitor your education agency.

See how it works

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Streamline your application process

Inteleagent tracks applications through predefined stages. Plus, you’re free to tailor the system as you grow and learn more about your business.


Add an application

Fill in the important application information such as course
details, the provider, and the commission rate you receive for sending the application through.


Move through the stages

Follow the application through the predefined stages, or set some up yourself! Once you've completed the tasks, it will automatically move forward for you.


Track Commissions

During the final stage, Inteleagent will make it easy for you to generate a commission invoice and automatically send it to the relevant education institution. Automatic reminders will help you stay on track.

Be a better Education Agency

Inteleagent helps you change the center of activity from running your education agency to focusing on your students. Become a
better education agency and watch as your revenue increases and your customer service receives 5-star reviews.

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